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Walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes for dressing rooms1

Open storage systems, walk-in wardrobes or full-faced, built-in cabinets Sliding doors – every requirement is fulfilled. Find solutions to transform difficult-to-access niches or as yet unused sloped roofs into valuable storage space.
Our furniture collections offer tailor-made solutions for a discerning clientele: Ars Nova Collection combines aesthetics with functionality.

Design a sleek, open area with Beta Nova in which you will have everything at your fingertips, even in the smallest of spaces. The storage space system forms an open, manageable dressing area. Even small spaces, sloped roofs and niches can be transformed into optimum storage space with Beta Nova.

Centric provides a solution for every challenge posed by your dressing room. With a stylish, built-in lighting system and open design, Centric will be the center of attention in your bedroom. Corner niches and spaces are lent a modern structure by this system.

Quattro Plus: Delicate, open and light – combine practical aids such as clothing lifts into a dressing room which meets all your requirements.

With Zeta, you will integrate a harmonious system into your living area which offers top quality with an optimum pricing structure. Sleek and multifaceted – Zeta will put the finishing touches on your home.

The interplay of aluminum, glass and wood lends Walk_in a modern character with clear lines. Walk-in creates a minimalistic highlight as a walk-in wardrobe – accentuated by the change in material and the indirect lighting.

A walk-in wardrobe in a small area?

Expand your cabinet volume with hanging sliders, clothes lifts and pull-out and sliding chests by up to 175 per cent. If you want to separate your dressing area optically from the bedroom, our Delta sliding doors provide new options. With indirect lighting, you will create a comforting, stylish ambience that provides you with a good overview of your wardrobe. Our wardrobes not only organize your clothing, shoes and accessories in accordance with your present needs but also display them perfectly.