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Beta light

The dressing room for price-conscious customers

Zeta is our basic model for your dressing room: Sleek and modern, our cabinet system can be flexibly planned and assembled in accordance with your wishes and ideas. Discover this home shelving system and integrate it into your individual room situation.

Plan your Zeta cabinet system now

With its velvety-matt white Eurodekor surface, Zeta integrates itself into every living space. Its 19-mm-thick sides and shelves lend it a harmonious, symmetrical look – may that be in the bedroom, as a walk-in wardrobe, or even in the living area or office, Zeta adds the finishing touches to your interior. Depending on your room situation, you can decide whether to have Zeta with or without a rear wall. In this way, you can select an open or a closed system.

Do you have limited available space? No problem: We only require 10 mm assembly room in every direction to install Zeta. This means that the system can be incorporated seamlessly into your room situation.

Its numerous variations make Zeta versatile.

Combine different elements and assemble the system in accordance with your living needs. Two different heights enable flexible integration of the cabinet, depending on the room height. Do your rooms place special demands on the dimensions? The sides of the shelves can be shortened to the height you require upon request.

  • Corner elements and drawers will help you to organize your dressing room.
  • Shelves can be equipped with LED lighting profiles. Choose between a foot-operated switch, a light dimmer with a radio receiver or a motion detector to control the lighting.