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Schranksysteme aus Glas und Aluminium

Four profile ranges are available!
Sliding doors, chests of drawers and cabinets made of glass and aluminum combined with wooden or lacquered surfaces are material combinations which make our Italian-style furniture so versatile. We are critical and extremely particular when it comes to planning and building our cabinet systems and sliding doors: The function, design and the materials used combine harmoniously to form your dream furniture.

Dezente Integration von Bodenschienen
Minimalistische Umsetzung

In our eyes, practical use goes hand in hand with stylish, contemporary lines

which are underlined and nuanced with the correct choice of materials, lighting, colors and feel. In this way, a sublime piece of furniture is created which becomes an organic, integral part of a room. Create a sense of excitement through the use of modern openness, a touch of semi-transparence, and structured cohesion. Convey a feeling of peace with clear lines.

Wood, aluminum, glass and an almost infinite number of lacquer colors – Ars Nova Collection combines four competencies in the production process to create a unique style. The selection of top-quality, perfectly coordinated materials makes it possible to produce premium furniture. Life-long: Furniture by Ars Nova Collection is modular and stands out due to its timeless style and high quality. Design is synonymous with freedom. Freedom to design the luxurious living area of your dreams. Just interchange the modules of your system. Redefine your space. Time and again.