A walk-in wardrobe made of glass, aluminum and wood

Walk_in is a jewel among walk-in wardrobes: Exciting features are accentuated with the use of aluminum, glass and wood. By combining the materials used in whatever way you see fit, you will receive a customized built-in cabinet which meets your individual requirements: Open cabinet systems equipped with translucent glass which look sophisticated and mysterious, and protect your clothing. The flexible frame system can be fitted with your choice of panels so that the Walk_in has a delicate, open look or a classic, closed look.

The picture depicts a walk-in wardrobe from the Walk_in range by Ars Nova Collection with a cabinet in the middle, a mirrored cabinet and an open illuminated element which extends past the corner.
The picture depicts the shoe rack from the Ars Nova Collection Walk_in shelving system. The shelves are made of glass and the frame of aluminum.
The picture depicts a walk-in wardrobe Walk_in by Ars Nova Collection. It stretches across the corner and in the middle there is a matching cabinet containing books and other items.
The picture depicts a walk-in wardrobe Walk_in by Ars Nova Collection with glass cabinets. On the right of the picture, there is a rug, two armchairs and a pile of books.
Glass cabinets will provide you with an overview
The picture depicts the drawers of the walk-in wardrobe Walk_in by Ars Nova Collection in grey brown. The handle strip is made of brushed aluminum.
The picture depicts a cabinet with mirrored doors; the focus is on the aluminum handles of the wardrobe.
The picture depicts an illuminated walk-in wardrobe Walk_in with a lot of storage space containing clothing on hangers as well as illuminated shoes on a shoe rack.
Walk_in will fulfill your every wish

Customized walk-in Italian-style wardrobe

Sophisticated, modern and sleek, Walk_in is your walk-in wardrobe made of glass, aluminum and wood which lends your living and sleeping space its own unique personality. Get some inspiration from our selection and select from a wide variety of surfaces. Or make your dream a reality with a certain color.

Individually designable

The flexible frame system enables heights of up to 270 cm and individual widths for shelves and cabinets. The frame is available with and without panels. You can also have the frames fitted with a glass door upon request. This cabinet system can be individually extended.

Would you like to put a light into your cabinet? Our patented power tracks are optimally integrated so that all floors can be fitted with LED lighting. The dazzle-free lights will provide you with an optimum view of the storage space and create exciting accent lighting with warm light.

With its extremely flexible frame construction made of glass, metal and wood, Walk_in creates an architectonic “interplay” between openness, semi-transparence and cohesion. Three different handle models, a wide variety of surfaces and special colors are available. If we do not have the lacquer colors that you are after in our comprehensive range of standard lacquer colors, that is easily remedied. We will mix every color tone that you require. In accordance with RAL, NCS or Sikkens – so that your furniture looks exactly like you imagined it would do.

Room design at its finest

The cabinet elements can also be used to design a free-standing cabinet. In this way, a harmonious living space characterized by minimalism, elegance, design, precision and luxury is born. From these components, we have developed Walk_in for extremely discerning customers. The space generating, cutting-edge system furniture can completely redefine living areas and is consistently thought of as “interior architecture”. With its extremely flexible frame concept, it provides an almost infinite number of design and usage options. Walk_in is an innovative system furniture range for walk-in wardrobes and living areas.

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