Quattro Plus

Walk-in wardrobe with aluminum stands

Our walk-in wardrobe, which uses an aluminum stand system for its foundations, is a luxury which individualizes and organizes your dressing room, as valuable space remains unused with standardized mass-produced cabinets. Wardrobes often upset the harmony of your bedroom and dressing room, and represent nothing more than a compromise – Ars Nova Collection presents an intelligent and aesthetic alternative in this case. From cabinets stem rooms. And your rooms will come to life.

The picture depicts a Quattro Plus walk-in wardrobe of Ars Nova Collection which can be partitioned off with a white sliding door.

Customized height with sliding doors independent of the carcass

Walk-in dressing rooms are an indulgent luxury which add value to your living space. Customized room-height sliding doors and separate shelving systems: These are the basic elements for the Ars Nova Collection wardrobes. The sliding doors move independently of the carcass between the floor and the ceiling, so there is no connection to the shelves behind them. This enables free integration of the sliding doors as you see fit: The sliding doors can be both inserted right in front of a shelf, but also positioned further away from the shelves; for example, for walk-in wardrobes.


The picture depicts an aluminum rail to which the shelves of the Quattro Plus wardrobe is fixed. There is a device on the rail on which coat hangers can be hung.
The picture depicts the aluminum stands of the Quattro Plus walk-in wardrobe, to which a shoe rack is fixed. A brown cabinet is visible in the background.
The picture depicts a space with an open sliding door – behind the door, there is a dressing room with a Quattro Plus walk-in wardrobe.
Additional storage space is gained with hanging gliders
The picture depicts a storage area of the Beta Quattro shelving system on which there is a brown pullover, a striped shirt, a brown tie and a leather purse.
The picture depicts a walk-in Beta Quattro wardrobe whose drawers and storage elements were kept in a middle brown color. There is clothing hanging and lying in the wardrobe.
The picture depicts an extractable device which is used to hang up trousers. The function is part of the Quattro Plus walk-in wardrobe by Ars Nova Collection.
Pull-outs for your needs


Gain extra storage room

Do you urgently need new storage space? Quattro Plus, our aluminum stand system, enables new room solutions which are flexible and tailored to your needs. From customized individual built-in cabinets to walk-in wardrobes for small rooms, through to roomy dressing rooms behind elegant sliding door fronts – our cabinet systems guarantee perfect organization and a clear overview. They are specially developed in terms of dimension, finish and function to store clothing, linen and accessories. Thanks to standard and desired height, width and depth dimensions, the smallest surfaces also become useful space.

Modular cabinet elements create comfort and flexibility:

  • Clothes lifts enable you to use the room height to its maximum advantage
  • In combination with hanging gliders, you will gain more storage space
  • Clothes rails, attachable hooks and brackets provide clarity
  • Mirror
  • Shoe stands
  • Repositories for shirts and bags
  • Standing or wall-mounted cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Organize your dressing room area with shelves, cabinets with drawers, pull-out frames and functional inserts.

The elements can be freely installed in the system and added later – which makes them highly individual and extremely flexible. The wall-mounted and standing cabinets are available in different standard widths, heights and depths and can be optimally used as storage space. Design your usable space to your taste and plan a solution with our specialists that will fit your space. We only need 10 mm installation space on the side to integrate Quattro Plus seamlessly.

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