Aluminum shelving system

Excitingly different: Centric is the top-quality aluminum shelving system for sleek design requirements. The delicate stud system offers a variety of options; every height up to 300 cm can be individually realized – ceiling or wall installation; you decide according to your living situation and taste.

This picture depicts a living room with a shelving system that contains many compartments and offers several options to store clothing.

Think outside the box

Fixed and removable shelves as well as cabinet elements can be planned in individual widths and integrated, which allows them to meet the most complex of spatial requirements. Our installers only need 10 mm installation space to achieve the best results for every space. All the elements can be installed in the studs in a variety of ways, which means you can design the cabinet of your dreams as you see fit.

You can choose the exact dimensions as well as the color of your Centric. The studs are available in anodized aluminum, a dark bronze, or you can select your highlight tone from our 21 different lacquer colors. We also offer other elements such as floors and cabinets in different decors and lacquers – or select an individual lacquer color for your exquisite Italian-style cabinet.

The picture depicts an illuminated Centric wardrobe element with drawers, compartments, storage areas and a clothes rail. A sliding door is shown on the left here.
Cabinet by Ars Nova Collection
walk-in and illuminated wardrobe with a lot of storage space
Individual combinations
Centric by Ars Nova Collection: Wardrobe in dark walnut
A room with a wardrobe in which clothing is neatly stowed and an armchair.
The picture depicts a bedroom in which an open, illuminated Centric shelving system with drawers, storage areas and clothes rails fits perfectly into a niche.
A highlight in the bedroom

Organized in accordance with your needs:

Wall-mounted or standing cabinets, shelves, glass shelves, various repositories for clothing, bags and other requirements, writing desk tops, extractable laundry bags, clothes rails and clothes lifts will be assembled in accordance with your needs. With insert frames for ties, watches, jewelry, underwear and also clothes hooks, you can equip Centric with further accessories according to your needs. Glass plates as a cover give you an overview, even if the drawers are closed, and protect the interior. Single and system cabinets round off the range.

A cabinet system with integrated lighting

Centric is powered by patented power tracks fitted into the studs. Integrated light tracks provide indirect light for stylish accents and a sensational ambience. You can choose between elegant warm white or modern cold white as a lighting color. This turns the walk-in wardrobe into a design element. Dazzle-free, built-in shelf lights help to display Centric very clearly.

Select from the different shaped handles: modern, sleek or soft

The handles will be delivered in the same color as the aluminum studs upon request – this will create a harmonious overall picture. If you are seeking to provide a luxurious impression and an elegant interplay of material, the “soft” handle is available in top-quality calfskin. Alternatively, the push-to-open technology ensures a uniform look.

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