Beta Nova

Storage system for walk-in wardrobes und optimum room solutions

Think outside the box: Beta Nova, the storage system for walk-in wardrobes and other furniture solutions, is perfect as a corner system and functions with or without a rear wall within your four walls. Supplement your room concept: Combine the right side or highboard with your shelving system for a harmonious home.

The picture depicts a bedroom with the Beta Nova walk-in wardrobe which is partitioned off from the rest of the room with sliding doors.
The picture shows part of a Beta Nova wardrobe. It is a wooden chest with storage compartments containing accessories and items of clothing. There are shirts hanging on a clothes rail on the right side.
The picture depicts the interior of the walk-in Beta Nova wardrobe which includes large wooden chests on rails to store items and flexible clothes rails.
The picture depicts a fitness room; there is a Beta Nova wardrobe integrated into the rear of it. The wardrobe contains shirts, towels, suitcases and transport boxes, and can be closed with the help of sliding doors.
Not only in the bedroom
This picture depicts a drawer from the Beta Nova series in a wardrobe, the lid of which is half open, and there is a compartment with belts and ties in the chest. Around it are clothing rails on which clothing is hanging.
The picture depicts a Beta Nova walk-in wardrobe with black, extractable drawers on a floor track and hanging clothes rails. Indirect lighting ensures pleasant lighting.
The picture depicts a bedroom, at the rear of which is a walk-in wardrobe by Ars Nova Collection which can be closed with Delta sliding doors.
Adjusted to your requirements

Create Beta Nova in accordance with your requirements

Drawer partitions with moveable inserts on different levels make the interior tidy and uncluttered. Even small parts such as jewelry, accessories or ties find room here. Attachable coat hanger brackets for every shelf are designed to quickly organize your clothing. We offer you different lighting systems for every requirement: Vertical stud lighting or horizontal LED strips under shelves showcase your dressing room. Customized fully to your needs: The Beta Nova cabinets can be manufactured up to the height of 275 cm. Do you have special requirements? Besides the standard widths, heights and depths, the shelving elements can also be shortened to your requirements; please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

Hanging gliders create extra storage space in the wardrobe.

Our hanging gliders are slideable clothes rails and transform even the smallest of spaces into great ones. In this way, you will increase your cabinet volume with three sliders by up to 175 percent. Easily installable on two levels or behind one another, the hanging gliders can be relocated with the greatest of ease. The guide rails are of variable lengths and can be fitted with lighting and veneer. Whether it is under the ceiling or sloped roof, the cabinet system adjusts to your rooms to create storage space and use the available space in the best possible way. With only 10 mm assembly room required, Beta Nova integrates almost seamlessly into every room situation.

Push-in and pull-out chests transform difficult-to-reach jamb walls or niches into valuable storage space

  • Chests can be pulled out easily from niches and under sloped roofs.
  • Sliding doors can be flexibly moved thanks to floor tracks
  • Sloped roofs: Optimum use of space in combination with hanging gliders
  • Versatile interior design options offer you flexibility

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