Office solutions

Customized solutions for the perfect working atmosphere

An office is so much more than just a working space – for the most part, you and your employees spend more time here than in your own home. Shelving systems und Sliding doors structure office rooms into a perfect environment for communication, focused work and inviting customer meetings. Important decisions are made in meeting rooms; therefore, you should not leave anything to chance when furnishing your office rooms as well.

The picture depicts an office with a desk, a shelf with compartments and drawers and a sloped roof under which there are cabinets that can be hidden with a DELTA sliding door.
The picture depicts a large office corridor; there are smaller offices running off it which are separated with Ars Nova Collection sliding doors.
Create space
The picture depicts an office with several desks. A part of the office is partitioned off from the rest with a Delta sliding door element.
Provide a quiet working environment
The picture depicts a space which is partitioned with a DELTA sliding door. At the back, there is a desk with a laptop, lamp and desk chair. Further towards the front there is an armchair.
Flexible separation
The picture depicts a large room with offices running off it which are partitioned by room dividers made by Ars Nova Collection.
Individual furnishings

Cabinets and Sliding doors are an optimum way to enter the office, and design the office area openly and discretely. In this way, spaces are separated as required. In this way, you vary where communication should take place in large offices and separate areas which need to be quiet very flexibly with sliding doors which are tailored to the current situation.

Design the sliding doors completely individually. Benefit from extra room to maneuver and create sliding doors in your company colors which correspond to the corporate design, or with different panels. Use sliding doors to also hide documentation and shelves safely from view. In this way, your working room will look tidy and well-structured at all times.