Italian-style furniture

Walk-in wardrobes, shelving systems und sliding doors

Classic, modern and tailored to your needs: This is the Italian-style furniture by Ars Nova Collection. Ob walk-in wardrobes for your dressing room, functional shelving systems in the office, perfectly crafted sliding doors made of glass or with a wide variety of surfaces which can be closed, or cabinets which can be put to a variety of uses – we make top-quality designer furniture to perfect your interior.

This picture depicts a large walk-in and illuminated wardrobe with a lot of storage space in which clothing is hanging and there are many shoes on shoe racks.

Are you looking for shelving systems, sliding doors and customized walk-in wardrobes? With our design lines, you no longer need to compromise. Whether you are looking for timeless cabinets with classic or modern surfaces, or wardrobes with a sleek, captivating aluminum design – every piece of furniture is manufactured to your requirements. The Ars Nova Collection team creates solutions for every niche and provides examples of how to separate spaces functionally and aesthetically from one another. Discover timeless designer furniture.